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Uses for Whisk Brooms in Glendale, AZ


You can use whisk brooms to sweep up small messes like crumbs on the floor and leaves on the doormat instead of taking the vacuum out. Makes your life a little easier.!

Sweeps dirt and other things out from under furniture cushions (give the bottom of the cushion itself a swipe while you’re at it) before you vacuum the floor.

Clean up crumbs and messes in cabinets and the kitchen such as cereal crumbs, sugar granules that escape the bottom of the bag, pet hair that floats in, etc.

Keep a whisk broom in your car to brush the seats off after eating a drive-through meal or when the kids toss their crackers around. Whisk out dirt tracked in on shoes, paws, luggage, and more.

The slightly stiff bristles of whisk brooms are perfect for brushing dirt and dried mud off shoes.

The flat shape of these little brooms are great for cleaning along the top edge of baseboards and where the flooring meets the baseboard.