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Uses for Barkeepers Friend Around the House in Phoenix, AZ


There are so many uses for Bar Keepers Friend around the house. We like to us it at Easy Life House Cleaning. You can clean your grungy grout, remove mildew from shwers, remove grease from oven doors, Clean stainless steel cookware. Remove burnt food from ceramic cookware, remove ink from a laminate counter and clean Corian. Use it in bathtubs, sinks and toilets to remove calcium, lime and rust. Shine your metal faucets and even cleans deep soot stains around your fireplace in the metal. Also cleans anything made out of plastic.

Don't use it on these surfaces: Anodized aluminum, silver, pewter, marble, or Gold. Also don't mix it with cleaners containing bleach or detergent. It could cause a chemical reaction.