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Tips to Make Bathroom Cleaning Easy In Phoenix, AZ


Let's start with the bathroom. You can use lemon oil to shine the tiles of your bathroom. It also kills and keeps away mold and mildew. Use vinegar in your shower to stop hard water build up. Use rubbing alcohol to shine the chrome in your bathroom. For cleaning your toilet, put a strong cleaner in the wter to soak while you clean the rest of the toilet. Wipe down the outside of the toilet and seat with an anti bacterial wipe or spray cleaner. Scrub out your toilet bowl with a brush. Then dry to a shine!  A good way to clean a bathtub is to use a foaming or bubbling cleaner. It can work on the tub wihile you're cleaning something else. Use a srubbing sponge and wipe out! Or call or visit our request a Service on our website. We'll do all the work for you1 Phone# 602-404-8675. Website: