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Removing Grease and Ink Stains in Peoria, AZ

How to remove grease, oil and magic marker:

Grease or oil: In your driveway or garage: Kitty litter will absorb most of the oil and grease. Apply and use a brush to work it into the concrete. In the evening, pour on concentrated orange cleaner letting it set overnight. It pulls any oil or grease to the surface. Use old towels to absorb what you can and use your hose to wash it down.

Oil or grease on fabrics or other surfaces: Put on a bit of a natural orange cleaner and let that set at least an hour. Then blot with a clean cloth. It may take a treatment or two, but it will work.

PLEASE follow this advice very carefully.Its good advice and an easy mistake to make. If you spill gasoline on your clothes or in your car, dispose of your clothing properly and replace the carpeting in your car. Gasoline and water don't mix which makes complete removal impossible. Gas will spontaneously combust especially when the weather turns hot.

Always put a container of gas inside a plastic tub when carrying it in your car. If the tank spills over, the tub keeps the gas contained saving your carpet.

Ink: Rubbing alcohol will do a great job every time. Remember to let the alcohol set for at least 30 minutes. If regular rubbing alcohol doesn't work ask a pharmacist for denatured alcohol.

Magic Marker: Permanent magic markers mean just that. They are nearly impossible to remove. Try dabbing on a bit of concentrated orange cleaner. Let it set even overnight. Rinse to remove. Sometimes toothpaste will lighten marker stains.