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Quick Clean Your Apartment in Phoenix, AZ


Having company in the next few hours or maybe couple of days? And your apartment is a mess. Her's a quick clean up metnod. Get some cardboard boxes or large bags. If you start with your bedroom, make the bed first. Stack your boxes on it and pick up clothes to put on there from off the floor. Vacuum or sweep. Put away any clothes or dirty dishes. Label your boxes so you know what's in there.  Begin picking up and putting things in the boxes in every room. Before you leave each room, clean the floor and dust where needed. Put your boxes in a closet or garage until you have time to sort them out. This is a good way to clean in an urgent situation. You can call us to come help. Just schedule a cleaning or organizing by the hour and we'll take a lot of the stress off of you! Easy Life House Cleaning 602-404-8675.