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Put the Natural Shine Back into Your Laminate in Phoenix, AZ


Incorrect cleaning methods can hide the shine on your floors. Test an area on your floor. Take a rag and moisten it with white vinegar. Rub the hazy area until you see the shine come back. If this doesn't work, you'll need a restoration product to fix it. If the vinegar worked, first sweep or vacuum the floor to be cleaned. Any little particles of dirt can scratch the floor when you are mopping. Get a bucket of hot water and put in 1 cup of vinegar.Dip the mop in and wring it until it's just damp. Rinse the mop often. If there's a heavy haze, repeat the method several times. Don't us an all purpose cleaner on Laminate. Just hot water is usually good enough. Use a little vinegar in the water if the floor is oily.