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Proper Way to Use a Feather Duster in Glendale, AZ


The opinion that a feather duster only redistributes dust is incorrect. Certainly when an area is dusted infrequently, a follow up with wiping is the only way to get the remaining dust after it has settled. However, when a building or office is cleaned on a regular basis (once a week at least) a feather duster does an exceptional job at collecting dust and preventing it from building up.

To feather dust properly, keep in mind one should use a sweeping motion with the duster. Flapping, smashing and shaking the feathers aggressively is not the correct way to dust. Such feather activity may serve its purpose for the wild Ostrich, but not for the person who needs this fine bird’s feathers when they have been transformed into a multipurpose cleaning tool. After a few swipes with the feather duster, it should be gently shaken near the floor to knock of particles that then sink downward onto the flooring to be vacuumed or swept up at the end of the cleaning routine. If a place is very dusty it’s best to step outside, if possible, to give the feather duster a good shaking.  Additional post wiping and sanitizing of counters, desktops, phones and other germ spreading objects should be done after dusting to remove grime, smears and other bacterial agents.

Not only is a feather duster an effective dusting tool, but it is made of mostly natural materials so it is eco-friendly. If used properly it is extremely durable and will not lose its clean and attractive appearance after many months of use.  Feather dusters come in all sizes and can range in price from a few dollars up to $15.00 depending on the retailer.