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Maintaining Clean Blinds in Scottsdale, AZ

Regular maintenance of cleaning your blinds will cut down on the frequency of deep cleaning. Extend your blinds all the way. Tilt the slats up (or to one side if they are vertical) and dust lightly with a cloth or duster. Tilt the slats down (or to the opposite side if they are vertical) and dust the other side lightly with a cloth or duster. As an alternative, try using a soft cloth glove. Hold each slat between your thumb and forefinger; gently run them along each slat. To avoid damage, don’t exert too much pressure or crimp the slats. A vacuum cleaner may also be used. Place the soft brush attachment on the hose and run very lightly over the slats first in their up position then in their down position. You should first test a small area of the blinds to make sure the suction is not too great. Some vacuums may damage the slats. For individual stains on any given slat, spray with window cleaner, wait 1 to 2 minutes, and wipe with a soft cloth. If your blinds are cloth, test this on a hidden area first.