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First grab your materials that you like to use when cleaning your house.

Set the timer to 15 minutes and play some music to get yourself inspired.

Divide your room into sections and move your stuff into four sections.

Start with one section and clean until the timer goes off.

 Put things that you never use into either a donation box if it's in good condition, or throw it away in the bag. Remember, anything you discard is something you don't have to clean or find a home for. If you want to keep something, put it in a bin to put in drawers or wherever you keep things later after you are . If stuff is in your room that doesn't belong make a pile or another box or bin, or give it to its owner right away

Take a short break when the timer goes off, perhaps 15 minutes. If you are done before the timer then pull from the neighboring section and don't start but take it piece by piece

Get back to work by doing the other sections as you did the first one, until you are done with your floor.

Put away the stuff in the keep boxes now and tie up your finished trash bags and get them out of your room. Don't get rid of unused bags or half full bags because you aren't done yet but go take a short break 10 min this time

Go through any items you have put away, in sections just like above. Discard or donate extra stuff you don't use.

Organize your books first based on whether you want them or not. Then arrange them in an order that makes sense to you

Put away clean clothes. Put dirty clothes in the laundry. You can do this as you go through the different sections of your room.

Finish anything left over.