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The human sense of smell is a very sensitive thing and can play a large part in your emotional and physical health. Try some non- toxic ideas to freshen your home. Mix part water and lemon juice and spray around your home once or twice a week to control odor. Another way to spice up your life is to put a little cinnomon, cloves, fresh ginger, or a handful of mint leaves in about 8 cups of water. simmer for a couple of hours. You can also use essential oils to freshen the air in simmering water. For a quick fix to make your room smell good, soak cotton balls in vanilla extract or an essential oil and place in a pretty dish or jar wherever needed.

Also consider using houseplants to eliminate toxins out of you home air. The average home would benefit from keeping around 15 houseplants. They produce oxygen, add moisure to the air and absorb bad toxins into their leaves. They are natures filter! As a janitorial service, we highly recommend that you freshen your home between cleanings with these natural idea's. We're Easy Life House Cleaning 602-404-8675.