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How to Find a Great House Cleaning Service in Glendale, AZ


Here are some things to look out for when choosing a great cleaning service to clean your home or small office. Are they bonded and Insured? That's very important for your peace of mind. Bonded against theft and insured for any damage that could occur. Do they do back ground checks on their employee's and cover them with workmen's compensation? Back ground checks so that you know they don't hire criminals and workmen's compensation so that if they get injured in your home, you won't have to pay the medical bills. Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee with their service? That means if you aren't happy they will come back and redo the cleaning or give you your money back. Make sure they show or explain to you exactly what they clean and don't clean in your home. These things will make you one happy customer. :) We offer all this with our cleaning service. Easy Life House Cleaning  Phone # 602-404-8675.