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How to Clean Books and Book Shelves


To keep the least amount of dust from accumulating on your books and shelves always keep your floors clean. Use a vacuum cleaner or dust mop because sweeping stirs up dust. Amicro fiber cloth with cleaner lightly spray on it can be used to wipe off each book. If there's heavy amounts of dust on the books, use an attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Use a very gentle motion over the book so that dust doesn't go into the pages. Change the cloth when it becomes soiled if using cloths. Use a dust cloth treated with a cleaner when cleaning metal shelves. Use a mild soap for cleaning wood shelves. Do not use heavy oils as they will attract dirt and may damage books. Do not use feather dusters to clean shelves as they will just rediistribute dirt. Dust and dirt attract mites and cause mold growth so be sure to keep your books and shelves clean.