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Household Cleaning Uses for Pinesol


Our company uses Pinesol because it's non toxic and even considered a green product. It has been around since 1920 and a favorite cleaning solution. the original scent was made with the Pine Oil that is one of it's ingredients. Now it has several scents. It not only cleans but also disinfects. It isn't corrosive like bleach. It can be used to clean almost any surface in the kitchen like countertops, appliances, cabinets and floors. Use full strength on a sponge to wipe very soiled ares and rinse well. You can use it for any area of the bathroom too including the inside of the toilet bowl. You can use it on any surface in the living room except unsealed wood. Never use it on unsealed wood because it could cause damage. Another great thing about Pinesol is that it's a great deterrent to cats spraying. Use it full strength in areas that cats go in and they won't use those areas instead of a cat box. Do not use ammoniated cleaning products if you have trouble with cats spraying or urinating because they are attracted to the ammonia smell. Give us a call and we'll help keep your home fresh and clean. 602-404-8675.