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House Cleaning Tips for Floors in Carefree, AZ


Here are some tips for 3 types of floors. When cleaning Ceramic Tile floors use nothing but warm water and that works well. Be sure to vacuum or sweep first Never use a sponge mop for this type of floor. It pushes the dirt into the grout. A microfiber mop picks up dirt that the sponge mop leaves behind. Another way to clean this type of floor is on your hands and knee's. You can use a rag or brush to get into the grout. An idea for cleaning Hardwood floors would be to make some regular tea in boing water.The tannic acid in tea makes the hardwood shine! Put that into a bucket to mop with. You'll be amazed by the sheen. If there's any scratches in the wood, simply take a crayon the color of the wood and color in the scratch. Use a blow dryer to heat up the area the crayon is on and then buff with a soft cloth. To clean Vinyl floors mix borax in a bucket of warn water and wash the floor.