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De Clutter for Valentine's Day


When you decide it's time to de clutter get a little organized first. Let's do it together for Valentine's Day. Have a plan and do it your self or hire us to come help. First get a bag or box to designate items. One for Throw Away, one for Recycle, one for Donating or giving away. If you want to sell some stuff, add another box or bag. Items that you want to keep and put in a better place, should be put in a laundry basket to separate from everything else. If you need to push yourself, use a timer. Setting a timer will help you focus and work more effeciently. Stay in the same room until you are completely done with that room. Remember if you aren't throwing it away or keeping it, RECYCLE IT, DONATE IT, OR SELL IT.         *   EASY LIFE HOUSE CLEANING     602-404-8675 *