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Cleaning the Glass in Your Home in Scottsdale AZ


If you use the right tools and cleaning methods, you should be able to get your glass streak free in your home. Here are some ideas. If you're diluting your glass cleaner, use distilled water. It doesn't have minerals like tap water that can streak your bathroom mirror. Vinegar is an excellent glass cleaner. You can dilute it with half water in a spray bottle. If you hate the smell, you can use it on your outdoor glass. If your coffee table is real dirty you might want to add soap to the solution but remember to only add a small amount. It can leave streaks on your glass. Don't use paper towels. they not only leave streaks but also lint. Instead go for a microfiber cloth, a squeegee or a handful of newspaper. Be sure to wear gloves if you use newspaper or you'll have ink on your hands. Finally, you can add a quick buff to your cleaning when you are done. Just use a dry rag and wipe over area to get any spots missed and you're done!