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Cleaning on a Budget in Phoenix, AZ


Most of us have budgets to follow. Sometimes cleaning is the last thing we want to spend our money on. Here's a plan to have a clean house and save money. First purchase a caddy to carry your supplies in. One that's heavy duty with a handle is best. Add a squeegee for windows and shower glass., a pair of gloves or disposable ones. Some empty grocery bags for disposing of trash and putting wet rags in.

Add some dusting cloths. Microfiber is excellent for cleaning and it comes in different colors so you can use them for different areas of cleaning. To save money on cleaning supplies, get a box of baking soda, a spray bottle for vinegar and a good all purpose cleaner. Vinegar is good for disinfecting and cleaning mirrors. Baking soda works a lot like comet for removing stains and scrubbing. To clean your toilet, you can buy disposable toilet brushes that come prefilled with cleaning solution or buy a toilet brush and use an all purpose cleaner. Finally after cleaning all the surfaces, its time to vacuum and wash the floors. Use a bucket with the all purpose cleaner or vinegar. 

We have another solution to cleaning on a budget. Schedule hourly cleaning and decide how long and how much you want to pay. Call us at 602-404-8675. EASY LIFE HOUSE CLEANING