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Cleaning Pet Dander in Your Home in Glendale, AZ


Pet dander can be a big problem when it causes constant allergies. We get attached to our pets so we need to find ways to get rid of pet dander in our homes. Designate one room in your home to be a pet free area so you have that room as your safe haven. Use a high quality air purifier. Pet dander floats in the air before it settles on anything. Use a HEPA filter in your air conditioning and heater to keep the air cleaner.  Wash your pets bedding on a regular basis. Dander settles on upholstery so keep that vacuumed or cleaned off. Use a damp cloth when dusting. A dry cloth will stir up pet dander. Clean curtains, carpets and rugs on a regular basis with non toxic products. Wash your pets and keep litter boxes covered.