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Cleaning My Self Cleaning Oven in Phoenix, AZ


First you need to know what type of oven you have. Three types of ovens are: Self cleaning which has a feature to turn the oven on such a high temperature that it burns the stuck on food and grease to ash. Textured ovens or called continuous cleaning ovens have a porcelain layer that burns off spilled food while you cook in it. then regular ovens which have to be cleaned on a regular basis by hand. If you are using the self cleaning oven, clean it when no one will be in the kitchen. You'll also want to open the windows so that your family and pets won't be smelling the fumes. It takes 2 to 6 hours and then when it cools, you'll want to sweep the ashes out and then wipe it out with a wet rag. The oven door can be cleaned with a kitchen cleaning product or vinegar and water.