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Behind the Toilet

It’s tough to clean the area that hides behind the toilet, because there is so little room to maneuver between the bowl and the wall.  Your usual broom or mop probably can’t handle the job, and this is an area that can easily breed a mold and/or mildew problem. recommends that you “bite the bullet” and crouch down on the floor armed with plastic gloves, wearing clothes you can afford to get dirty.  Use a strong-bristled brush to sweep away dust and dirt, and then wipe the area down with a damp sponge and an eco-friendly cleaning solution.  Because the area could easily remain damp, wipe it dry with a paper towel after cleaning.

The Floor Beneath Furniture

You probably don’t move your furniture every time you vacuum or sweep, but at least once every two to three weeks you should get help from a family member or friend and make it a priority to clean the floors beneath your furniture.  Dust, allergens, dirt, spilled liquids, small toys, and even clothing items can wind up beneath furniture and add to the collection of dust.  Once the furniture is moved, vacuum or sweep and mop thoroughly before replacing it.