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Disinfectants should not be used in all areas of the home. There is no need for that. The main areas that need disinfecting are the kitchen and bathroom. Most people have a fantasy about disinfectants working on contact. The truth is, they don't.  They have to be used properly to reap the benefits of killing 99% of the germs. An all purpose cleaner does not disinfect and a disinfectant doesn't deep clean anything. Read the fine print on your product label. An all purpose cleaner is designed to lift dirt off the surface and when this happens, some of the germs are washed away. To get the full benefits of a disinfectant, you must spray it on and then let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes to kill the germs and then finish wiping. and drying the surface. Any type of disinfectant that kills on contact would be considered too posionous for cleaning your home and touching your skin or inhaling it.