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Clean My Bedroom in Glendale, AZ


Grab your supplies.

Few of us have supplies to clean the bedroom actually stored in our bedroom. Gathering all supplies together before beginning the job will keep you from getting distracted and failing to complete the job.

Grab all dirty clothing and put it in a hamper.

Grab all clean clothes and refold or re-hang. 

If you have a significant amount of clean clothing lying around waiting to be folded and hung, skip this step and place the clean clothing semi-neatly on your bed.

Grab all trash and put in the trashcan. 

This is not the time to determine if you're ready to trash old copies of magazines, or that pair of shoes you've needed repaired for two years. We're throwing away obvious trash, not sorting through boxes and closets. Save the major trash sweep for when you have more time.

Pickup all the misplaced items on the floor, bed, desk, etc. Put them in a basket, box, or bag. These are items that belong in another room in the house. Don't try to take them back one at a time. Just put them all in one location for now and move on.

SStraighten surfaces.If it has been a long time since you have cleaned in here, you may have large accumulations of your stuff that belongs in your room but is not in its proper place. Take a brief survey of this "stuff". If in a minute or less you can put it all away, do so. If not place it all in a container so that you can go through it and organize it later.

SSweep and mop or vacuum.Don't move furniture to sweep or vacuum. Just do a quick run through.

Put away your supplies Allow yourself to reflect on how much nicer this briefly cleaned room is. If you keep up this regime regularly on your room, you'll always be able to find your bed.