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Best Way to clean Blinds in Phoenix, AZ


Follow these tips when cleaning different types of blinds in your home.

1. Vertical blinds: These blinds are best to clean while they are still hanging. First, go over the blinds with the dust attachment on your vacuum. Then use a duster. Any kind of all-purpose cleaner can be used to clean tough spots.

2. Wood blinds: Clean wooden blinds in the same manner. When you are done, use a rag dampened with wood polish to keep the wood healthy and shiny.

3. Venetian blinds: These blinds must be removed from the window to be cleaned correctly. Use vinyl cleaner or a similar cleaning solution to get rid of the dirt, dust and grease that collects on both sides of the blinds. If cloth blinds, make sure you know the correct cleaning method to use, whether it’s chemical or dry.

4. Mini blinds: This type of blind is similar to Venetian blinds, but with a smaller slat width. They are cleaned much in the same manner. Another tip is to place them in the bathtub to soak the blinds while simultaneously cleaning them.