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Best Way to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances in Carefree, AZ


When you clean any kind of stainless steel you have to understand how to wipe it the direction of the grain. Otherwise it won't be real clean because dirt gets inside the grain. Check to see which way the grain goes. You'll get optimal shine if you clean with the grain. You'll want to choose non abrasive cleaning rags. 100% cotton will keep the lint off. Get some dish soap. (Dawn is the best) And get either baby oil or mineral oil. First apply a small amount of dish soap to your rag. Make the cloth damp and wipe along the grain. You may have to go over it twice for stubborn fingerprints. When finished washing the area, dry with a clean cloth. Next put a small amount of oil on a rag. ( a few drops works) Use it to wipe along the grain. It will polish it and bring the beauty out.