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Benefits of Microfiber Cloth in Phoenix, AZ


Microfiber mops, dusters, and cloths are light and easy to move around. This significantly diminishes the amount of time needed for particular cleaning tasks.

A microfiber mop, for example, weighs roughly 5 lbs less than a string mop. It reduces the strain from heavy lift and twisting, and eliminates many of the time-consuming tasks associated with mopping (moving and dumping buckets, wringing out the mop, repeated fillings, etc.). Being lighter, they are also faster to maneuver. 

Using microfiber products allows for chemical-free cleaning. They can clean nearly any surface with only water.

Regular cloths do not trap particles in this way and need chemicals to assist in the cleaning process. The chemicals are harmful in the long term to the people in the building, as well as to the environment.

Using microfiber helps preserve interior finishes. Quality microfiber products will not scratch delicate surfaces, as long as they are well-rinsed and free of grit. Since microfiber picks up debris rather than pushing it, particles do not have the opportunity to leave scratches. This is why microfiber cloths are recommended for vehicle exteriors and eyeglasses.

Microfiber provides superior levels of hygiene and cleanliness because it picks up about 99% of bacteria, where other cloths only pick up 30%.

As the fibers rub together, microfiber creates a static charge. This increases its ability to clean – the charge helps to attract dirt into the crevices in the strands. Because of this, microfiber products have become known as “dirt magnets”.