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Basic Supplies to Clean Your Home in Glendale, AZ


Decide what type of cleaning supplies you should have handy to clean your home. There's dozens to chose from because people all have there own idea about what cleans best in their home. And what's easiest to use.  Here's a few ideas. Feather dusters are nice to have. Chose one that dust clings to and that you can wash as it becomes dust filled. Use these on lampshades, light fixtures, art and delicate collectables. Protect your hands with gloves when using chemicals or washing dishes. There are all different kinds so chose carefully to get one that fits right. Paper towels, soft rags and sponges are good for wiping and light scrubbing. Rag, string or sponge mops for washing your floors. A dust mop is ideal for quick touch ups. Dust with a dusting agent for better results.