7 Things You Should be Aware of BEFORE hiring a Maid Service

1) Anyone can say they run a Maid Service! Maid Services are one of the easiest, cheapest businesses to start--almost no experience is required! Scary thought.

2) The Owner is often also the "House Cleaner"! Most maid services started as an independent cleaner who decided to start hiring employees and take on more customers. Are you protected?

3) Employee turnover can be as high as 400%! Most maid services have super high employee turnover. This means 15 to 25 NEW PEOPLE in your home each year!

4) High employee turnover is the #1 factor in THEFT related issues for maid services. Who is touching your belongings?

5) No Shows! "I came home after work, and discovered the maid service never showed up today!" Why is their turnover....your problem?

6) Awkward Feedback Moments. Small companies tend to lack any formal feedback or "concerns" sharing practices. So you become the customer AND the cleaning crew's supervisor.

7) Declining Quality. So many maid services offer no formal quality control process resulting in inconsistent cleaning. By the time you find the problem, the cleaning crew is gone!

I hope you found this helpful. Our Company carefully trains our employees and does quality checks when needed. We do background checks on our employees. Only people with good character will come into your home. We will do all we can to never let your regular cleaning schedule to get switched or delayed. We send out short surveys after each cleaning to give us your feedback.